Cape Eleuthera Institute and Island School

Cape Eleuthera Institute

The Cape Eleuthera Institute was established to study sustainable industries through research. The main focal point of the Institute is an aquaculture lab that raises Tilapia and Cobia. The waste for example from the Tilapia is used to feed lettuces and herbs. They are also studying the effects of climate change on reef life.

The Island School is an extension of the Institute and offers a semester program to High School students from all over the world. The school has a small working farm with pigs, goats, and ducks. Students learn about the local sea life through dive instruction, as well as birds and plants. Part of sustainable living is to convert used cooking oil to Biodiesel for use in their vehicles. Their electricity is supplemented by an extensive array of solar cells and wind energy, and is connected to the public utility grid.  In addition there is a wood working shop that makes furniture for the school from the non-native Casurina or Australian pine,  good use of an unwelcome intruder. Finally there is a mangrove that is in the process of regenerating and is teeming with interesting little creatures.

It would be difficult to list everything going on at the Institute and School, but to summarize they are challenging the students to return to basics in their everyday lives, including how they communicate and interact with other people. No cell phones or internet for example. It is a fascinating place and well worth visiting. They offer daily tours at 10AM and 1PM, but call ahead to confirm that they can accommodate you.  Cape Eleuthera Institute Link

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