Links and information about Eleuthera



The island of Eleuthera is over 100 miles long but very narrow. There are many places that can go unnoticed. If you have the time to explore there is much to see, and often with no one else in site. Below are some links that you should check out. Enjoy.

  • Island of Eleuthera Eleuthera on Wikipedia.

  • Bahamas Eleuthera Maps, weather and other useful information on Eleuthera including locations of restaurants and other points of interest on the island. Check out the Eleuthera beaches page to view virtual reality photos of some of the many magnificent beaches Eleuthera has to offer.

  • Eleuthera Google Map Overlay Great Google Map overlay of Eleuthera and the bordering islands from the site linked above. Very interactive with photos and descriptions of many attractions. This one is a must and try checking it out from end to end. I realized after viewing this that during my visits to the island for the past 8 years that I have missed a great deal.

  • Discover Eleuthera Bahamas Another site with information about Eleuthera.

  • Yet another.

  • Bahamas Travel Information and Business Site