Constructing Sylphide

Sylphides Photos

Our house was designed and project managed by Bob Colman in late 2008 through 2009.  It has a concrete foundation with a steel frame for the main house.  The exterior siding is Hardi Plank and the roof has steel shingles.  All windows and doors are hurricane rated.  The interior design was done by Kathy Colman, Bob's wife. For our part we did very little.  We visited once during the build and then at the end.  The bed was made, the towels were hanging, and everything else was ready to use, including the kitchen.  Bob and Kathy did a wonderful job with the house. I am including photos of the construction.  Click on the photo to the right, once it enlargers there are hidden scroll buttons near the top of it. Scroll through to see the evolution of the build.