Renting a Car

Renting a car on the out islands of the Bahamas is quite a bit different from what you might be used to. There are no commercial car rental companies. So if you're trying to type Governors Harbour into the Hertz or Avis website, forget it.

Car rentals here are best described as more casual and you must temper your expectations. If you are expecting a late model sedan with a few thousand miles on the odometer you will be disappointed. Vacationing on the island is not about disappointment so get over it before you arrive. Typically you are going to be renting from a local gentleman and it will likely be an older car. Prices can seem a bit high also, but you must keep in mind that getting a car to the islands is a very expensive endevor. Combine this with the equally expensive proposition of maintaining a car and you start to get a feel for why things are what they are. We have learned to go with the flow and look to each rental as an adventure.

Some folks we recommend renting from are:

Namman Rolle 242-359-7166 or Email

Stanton Cooper 242-332-1620 or Email

McClain Pinder 242 557-7966, 242-335-0455

Arthur Nixon 242 332-2052, 242-359-7879 or Email

Big E's Car Rentals(Elliott Rolle) 242-470-0467, Website

Big Daddy's Car Rentals 242-332-1592 or 242-225-2914, Website