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I have recently updated this, again (March 2020).  A lot has happened since I first posted airline links, the Airline industry has gone through major changes, not necessarily for the better.  Delta absorbed Northwest Airlines.  United merged with Continental, American filed for bankrupcty and then merged with USAirways to become the new American Airlines. Gulfstream Airlines, a Continental Connection Partner out of Fort Lauderdale filed for bankruptcy, and then eventually became Silver Airways.  Twin Air a small charter company out of Fort Lauderdale folded, and it's place has now been filled by Aztec.  Finally Airtran was purchased by Southwest Airlines.   American Eagle for a short time flew from Miami to GHB, but then discontinued it based on a dispute with the airport.  Hopefully they will reconsider at some point. 

There are still a number of options for getting to the island of Eleuthera (Route Map).  Ideally you would arrive into Governors Harbour Airport (GHB) , since it is the closest to the Villa.  North Eleuthera (ELH) is also an option but adds about 50 minutes to the trip.  Myself I often travel via Nassau as the flights from there to Governors Harbour are fairly economical.  Flying into Governors Harbour from Fort Lauderdale is also convenient, but can be expensive, Silver Airways Ticket Fees can be quite breathtaking for the short 1 hour flight.

My best advice is to book early. Also taking the Ferry is not realistic given the sparse schedule.

✈USA to Nassau;  United,  Delta,  AmericanJetBlueBahamas Air              

✈Canada to Nassau;  Air Canada,  Westjet   ✈Europe to Nassau;  British Airways

✈Nassau to Eleuthera;  Bahamas Airlines,  Pineapple Air(my preferred),   Southern Air Charter

✈Fort Lauderdale to Eleuthera;  SilverAirways ,  Aztec Airways  

✈Miami to North Eleuthera only;  American Airlines

✈Atlanta to North Eleuthera only(seasonal);  Delta